Energizing leaders for a complex world.

We believe in Humanity Centered Leadership by energizing the ‘Wisdom of the Mind’.

Why ChiFactum

Our goal is to unlock the sustainable potential of human consciousness, for sustainable high performance of leaders, making them ready for the future and for today’s challenges.


We form a close and challenging community that believes in Humanity Centered Leadership. We inspire leaders to embrace and adopt the principles of Humanity Centered Leadership, and with that create a more compassionate society.
We develop courses and concrete methods. We support coaches, consultants and change leaders in their own development.

High standard

As a group of business leaders, we strive for high standard society that. Key principles include:

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

We consider learning and development as an essential contribution to maintaining a collective sense of morals, as well as satisfying physical, aesthetic and creative needs of humankind.

Virtual technology

Virtual technology

Society has access to virtual technology and electronic devices that support improved quality of life and the continuous further development of a sense of personal moral values.

Social diversity

Social diversity

We encourage social diversity. Not just for genetic reasons, but also to gain the flexibility necessary – from different world views – to cope with unpredictable changes arising from a dynamic that displays constant emergence towards a different level of order.

Natural energy

Natural energy

We use the natural energy that the earth receives from the sun, water and wind, with these energy sources supported by disruptive technological innovations.

Humanity Centered leadership

We are facing the boundaries of the ecological, economic and societal systems. We cannot deal with emerging realities without a change of perspective.

The Humanity Centered Leader is a wise leader. Someone who has changed the perspective on being responsible for the sustainable well-being of humanity and the planet by making a shift in consciousness. Someone who understands the complexity and is still focused on high-performance.

Based on general human values, Humanity Centered Leadership not only defines and measures 5 phases within consciousness but also guides individuals and organizations in their consciousness development.

Humanity Centered leadership


Contributing to energize the ‘Wisdom of the Mind’

    Learning platform

    Learning platform

    We offer a community and learning platform with a focus on Humanity Centered Leadership.

    Measuring consciousness development

    Measuring consciousness development

    We measure consciousness development by using the 5 EES assessment.

    Measuring resilience

    Measuring resilience

    We measure resilience on three different pillars of human functioning; the physical, the personal and the interpersonal state.

    Educate coaches

    Educating coaches

    We educate (executive) coaches in Humanity Centered Leadership.

    Educate consultants

    Educating consultants

    We educate consultants and change leaders in High Performance Sustainable Leadership.

Training programs

Humanity Centered Leadership basic program

We educate professionals in the principles of High Performance Sustainable Leadership. 

More Information: ChiFactum School for Humanity Centered Leadership

Inner Path

Transformation starts with yourself, this is an intensive personal journey in which we take you throughout guiding for 7 months in an enriching learning experience on all dimensions of leadership. 

More information: ChiFactum School for Humanity Centered Leadership

Outer Path

In-depth online learning and inspiration around Deep System Coaching and High Performance Sustainable Leadership.

More information: ChiFactum School for Humanity Centered Leadership


We are working on a bright future


We share a dream for sustainable well-being and Humanity Centered Leadership.

  • Sander Tideman | Head of leadership development, member of ChiFactum |
  • Tanno Bregonje | Head of education & research, member of ChiFactum |
  • Chiel van Kollenburg | CEO and member of ChiFactum |
  • Kelly Mostard | Researcher and Founder of Resilience Mastery Method |
  • Dr. Sharda Nandram | Associate Professor Nyenrode Business University and professor of Hindu Spirituality Vrije Universiteit |
  • Shinta Oosterwaal | Purpose economist and new leadership expert |
  • Marga Mathijsen | Head of Global Marketing Health & Wellbeing at Unilever |
  • Rob Rijnders | Chief Commercial Officer at Signature Foods |
  • Peter Dobbelsteijn | Former Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain |

Advisory board

The members of the advisory board are experienced in both developing organizations and purpose-driven leadership.


Youth & Well-being

The Youth & Well-being Foundation aims to improve lives through impactful education and training.

We do that by developing and facilitating impactful, inclusive education and training programs based on Humanity Centered Leadership.


News & Events

WEBINAR. Innerlijk leiderschap!

maart 4, 2021

Innerlijk leiderschap, wat is jouw kompas in turbulente tijden? Ontwikkelingen zijn zelfsturend en oncontroleerbaar, je kunt er alleen zo goed mogelijk op reageren door je […]

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Webinar 2 februari. HCL

januari 18, 2021

Problemen in de wereld ontstaan door een beperkt en daarmee limiterend beeld van onszelf en onze omgeving. Als mens interacteer je continu vanuit jouw eigen […]

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Programma School for Humanity Centered Leadership 2021

januari 11, 2021

Samen versterken we iedere dag Humanity Centered Leadership en ontwikkelen we praktische tools, webinars en opleidingen waarmee we onze leden beter kunnen helpen. Met elkaar […]

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High Performance Sustainable Leadership webinar reeks

november 11, 2020

High Performance Sustainable Leadership. Gratis webinar reeks! De wereld verandert snel en diepgaand. Dit heeft grote gevolgen voor het leiderschap van vandaag. Hoe gaat de […]

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Marketing & Projectmedewerker

november 11, 2020

Wil jij bijdragen aan een duurzame wereld én ben je een kei in marketing & projectmanagement? Wij zijn op zoek naar een marketing & projectmanager […]

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High Performance Sustainable Leadership

september 2, 2020

Volg je de outer path modules ‘High Performance Sustainable Leadership’ dan leer je leidinggevenden, senior managers, en bestuurders te helpen om succesvolle doorbraken (ofwel ‘Flow’) […]

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